Wednesday, November 21, 2012


This Thanksgiving, I'm truly focused on being thankful.  I'm breathing when I feel that urge to scream, I'm remembering it's easier to clean the mess after the kids are in bed and I'm counting my many blessings.

The kids are only young once.  I'm thankful for them; for their mess and for their chaos.  I'm thankful they still hug me, kiss me and wave goodbye as the school bus is pulling up.  I love their quirky stories, their handmade crafts and kind hearts.

I love how tiny they look when they are sleeping.  Even when they are eleven.

I'm thankful my Hubby still makes me belly laugh, and that he sorts laundry.  He loves our kids, provides for our family and is patient with my always chaotic method of reasoning.

He is even more patient when I attempt to tell a story.  I start at the beginning, move onto another story, go back to the first story, make a cup of juice, sign a paper for school, go back to the second story, ask him if he's still listening and then ask him, what I was saying again?

I'm very thankful for that man.  Even if he drives me bat-poop crazy at times.  It takes quite a man to put up with me on a daily basis.  Did I mention he (usually) still loves me even though I dress like a shlump-a-dinkle some days?

Heels are very, very overrated when you're wiping spills all day.

I'm thankful for my heated blanket, the ice cream in my freezer and my Starbucks Gold Card.  All three of those things, along with sunshine on my face and munchkin snuggles, make for a fabulous day.

My mommy friends, all those extraordinary women who also only talk between the hours of 9 and 3, you are my sanity.  My venting place.  My, Can you believe this?! Oh wait you believe it because you're living the same existence!, comfort.  Hugs to you all.

I'm so very thankful for my health, my family, my parents and my phenomenal siblings.  My mother has handed down some of the best mommy-ing tricks known to man, and her generosity is second to none.  She is my rock.  My Dad, that man keeps his cool and keeps me calm.  There is no better person to call when I need advice.

I'm more than thankful for all the ways my parents help us.  Lord knows we have needed plenty of help these past twelve years.

This Thanksgiving, I'm thankful for the many blessings the Lord has sent my way.  He has blessed me abundantly; to count the ways would take me to the end of time.

And last, but not least, I'm so thankful for all of you.  If you're on this page, if you're reading this, I want you to know I'm thankful my blog is worth your time.

That is very, very special that is to me.

Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours!

If you care to share, What are you thankful for?


  1. stopping by to follow u. found you at pioneer woman :-)

    Happy Thanksgiving! Traci

  2. Happy Thanksgiving, Jodie!!!

    I am thankful for all the connections I've made through blogging, especially including you! And I'm very thankful for healthy kids.


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