Monday, November 19, 2012

Thanksgiving Craft: Pinecone Turkeys

My daughter brought an uber adorable Turkey home from preschool last week.  It was crafted from felt, a pinecone, and feathers.

This little guy is cute enough to sit as the focal centerpiece at our Thanksgiving feast, and cute enough to save year after year after year.

I know we all claim preschool crafts are cute, and they are.  But unless you have a room dedicated to collecting crafts and drawings from preschool through 12th grade, some items just have to go in the recycling bin.

At least at my house they do.  I take comfort in knowing my kids will cherish a few crafts from their childhood, but they would not care to clutter their future homes with all their masterpieces from twenty years ago.

But this little guy?  He's a keeper.

Large pinecone (sold at craft stores if you lack these beauties in your backyard)
Colorful feathers (also sold at craft stores)
Felt (red, yellow or orange.'s at craft stores!)
Elmer's glue or similar
Turkey Template (below)

1.  Cut template.  Fold felt in half and trace template onto felt with marker.  Cut felt, you will have two turkey heads.  Glue these together at nose and top of head only, not the entire length of the turkey head.  Make eye on both sides with marker. Set aside.

2.  Glue 5-7 feathers in between spaces in pinecone.  The front of the turkey is the bottom (more flat, rounded end) of pinecone.

3.  Once turkey head is dry, attach head with glue to the front of pinecone.  Spread the two pieces of felt apart at bottom (neck area of turkey head) and glue securely.

Turkey Template (Right click on template, save picture, and then reopen and print):

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  1. I currently have 3 of these adorable turkeys on my mantle and am pretty sure that I will be getting a new one today to add to my collection. My kids get so excited when we pull their creations out of our decorations box every year!
    Happy Thanksgiving!


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