Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Wednesday, Post Election, Things

The election is over.  It's been decided and we all can move on.  We can return to reading Facebook posts about weather, television and what our kids said at dinner.  We will once again post pictures of our puppies, trinkets and ourselves out with friends.  We can finally, FINALLY return to sane individuals.

My phone line is awful quiet this morning.  No political calls.  My mailbox contains only bills and holiday shopping magazines.  No political flyers. Thank the LORD.

My energies will now be devoted to packing, Christmas shopping and sharing everything my brain thinks up on my blog.  My brain is currently worried about packing and Christmas shopping.  Oh, and about the Nor'easter headed my way.

This is what I look like when I'm tired of election coverage, snow is headed my way and need to buy milk.

With that in mind I need to sign off, get my ass dressed and get some groceries.  And use up an OLD NAVY coupon that's burning a hole in my purse.

Happy Wednesday.  Happy back to normal day.  Happy it's all over day.


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