Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Christmas Milkshakes

Last Friday, after we settled in from all our running around, I was feeling "weekend-y."  It was finally time for movies and blankets and lounging around.  Our week was winding down and we were all in need of the recharging.

Since recharging is best done with ice cream, I blended up Christmas milkshakes.  By chance, I had bought peppermint whipped cream from Target, and I had a fresh container of Christmas sprinkles in my pantry.

And I always have ice cream.

While these milkshakes can easily be made with mint chocolate chip ice cream, unlike me, not everyone is a fan.  I went with cookies and cream and a few drops of green food coloring to please the entire crowd.

To blend up these bad boys, toss 3 heaping scoops of ice cream into your blender.  If you don't like mint (gasp!) use anything white.

Drop in red or green food coloring, splash in a 3/4 cup milk, and blend.

Add more milk if desired, we like a thick milkshake.

Pour into clear glassware for the ultimate experience, and add a swirl of peppermint (or regular) whipped cream.

Top with red and green sprinkles, and voila, a Christmas milkshake.

Enjoy snuggled under a blanket, surrounded by munchkins, watching a Christmas movie.
Makes 2 small milkshakes, or one supersized.

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