Wednesday, December 26, 2012


Today I'm lounging, still in my snowflake pajamas.  Aside from blogging, I've been stepping over toys and stepping on tiny figures.  I've been recycling boxes and crunching up wrapping paper.  I'm doing all of this in total and complete peace because all the munchkins are happily entertained with all of Santa's toys.

The true magic of Christmas.

I don't think any of them has eaten yet.  Other than Moopa I haven't seen a morsel of food cross their lips.  Unless of course I count myself and the three chocolates I had about fifteen minutes ago.

More Christmas magic.

Recovering from Christmas is a beautiful time.  The family is home, the kids are entertained, and the food is still abundant.  The wrapping is done, the craziness has subsided.

Today, we recover.  And eat chocolates for breakfast.

Happy recovery day.

Mommyhood Christmas Album

Hope yours was merry!


  1. Love all the photos, especially your table spread! How beautiful! I hope you and your wonderful family had a great Christmas!


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