Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Coughs, Fevers and Sanitizer

Over the weekend, my oldest had a little bit of a cold.  He has a flair for the dramatic, and it makes it fairly difficult to gage when he requires a visit to the pediatrician.

$20 co-pays add up quick.

Yesterday, after running a fever the night before and complaining of a sore throat, I decided it was time to make the call.  I let him sleep in (heavenly when your bus is 6:55am) and I called the doctor.  I was hoping for a nice late morning appointment, an appointment that would have us home for the elementary school bus at 3:23. 

The best she could do was 4pm.  I knew at that moment they had to be busy.  I hardly ever have to wait until late afternoon to get my kids into our pediatrician.

Since I had planned to get some shopping done, and my oldest is able to understand direction and listen when I tell him not to touch things, I drugged him with some cold medicine and we went shopping.  I made this up to him with a Chocolate-y Chip Frappuccino. 

Helps the throat.

After the elementary bus dropped off my middle munchkins, I fed them, dressed my Gymnastics Queen for her 5pm practice, and we loaded into the car for the 4pm appointment.  We had one hour to be seen by the doctor and get to gymnastics, which was ten minutes from the pediatrician's.

We walked into the pediatrician's office, and there were people everywhere.  I wanted to bathe myself in Purell.  My stress level shot through the roof as I watched the 75% of my well kids touch items in the waiting rooms.  I sent them to the bathroom for hand washing and to the check in desk for sanitizer every three to five minutes.  My anxiety level was entering the red zone as kids around us coughed, sneezed and whined in their mom's laps.

We waited a half hour to be called in to see the doctor.  A long, clock watching half hour.

After I crammed my small army into the examination room we waited for the doctor.  I knew I had one thing on my side, the office is supposed to close at 4:30.  This meant a quick, to the point exam and a staff moving at warp speed to get out of there and close up shop.  Every nurse, secretary and doctor looked as if they fought a pack of wolves.  Hair was in need of a brushing, faces tired and pale.  I could tell this office had been through the mill.  I could also tell they wanted out, asap. 

For this I was grateful.

We left the pediatricians at 4:55pm, loaded into the mommy-van, and made it to gymnastics by 5:07pm.  Not too shabby. 

I dropped my daughter, and knew I had to feed the kids or my next stop would be a disaster.  I picked up twenty nuggets and beverages at the drive thru, and handed out nuggets as I drove to the pharmacy to pick up our prescription.   

Now I wait, hoping none of the other munchkins come down with anything other than a cold. 

Never a dull moment in mommyhood.


  1. "Don't touch anything!" Is my war cry for doctors offices and public restrooms. I hope your other 75% stay healthy. It seems like once there is a cold everyone gets it, but not always with the fevers. More important is that YOU stay healthy! Nobody notices much when Mom is sick!

  2. Ah, yes. The pediatrician's office - "where germs go to find a new home"!

    We're in the middle of colds around here and our Little One is scheduled to have a second set of ear tubes next weekend. Fun times!


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