Thursday, December 13, 2012

Last Minute Teacher Gift: Mason Jars

Today is my little one's last day of school with her occupational therapist before break.  I realized this when I woke up this morning.

I am nothing if not prepared.

With such little time, I grabbed my favorite easy and fun gift container: a mason jar.

I grabbed the mint fudge I mixed up last night because I was in the mood for mint fudge, and I neatly cut four squares.

Next I opened the Christmas M&M's in my pantry, and I poured in a few to fill up the spaces.

My jar, before I fancied up the lid, looked like this:
I added red tissue paper under the twist lid, and used my glue gun to secure my daughter's craft ribbon around the edges.
Since I had a few extra minutes, I really went crazy and gave Moopa a bag and Christmas stickers.  She decorated the bag, I made breakfast, and we left for school ready with a gift for her occupational therapist.

Of course, like all good families, we added a gift card to Dunkin' Donuts.

Happy Thursday!  12 days until Christmas!


  1. That's a lovely gift! It's yummy because of the fudge and candy, and so sweet because it was decorated by your child. And a Dunki'n Donuts gift card too? Wow. :) That's one lucky O.T.

  2. I knew I'd been saving those little Mason jars for SOME reason! ;)

    1. Me too! I had 6 of them...stacked up....I saw them and thought - "YES!!!" LOL!


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