Sunday, December 16, 2012

Look for the Helpers.

It's been an emotional few days.  There's been more hugs, less worrying about crumbs and laundry.  One minute I'm baking and planning for Christmas, the next minute I feel broken inside that I can bake and plan for Christmas.  The horror of Friday will stay will many of us for a very long time.

Probably forever.

I have a strong belief that as parents, it's our job to teach our kids what is right.  We can't let society do the job for us.  We need to stay involved, and to keep the conversation open about just about everything.

Even the little things.

There is good, I know there is.  When the world frightens us, we need to be brave.  When the world is cruel, we need to be kind.  In the wake of this unimaginable horror, we need to band together, because we are stronger than the evil that creeps among us.  We need to find the good, the strong and the faithful.              

As my good friend Mr. Rogers so eloquently said, when there is tragedy on the news, "Look for the helpers...There are always people helping."

Look for the helpers.  Believe in the good.  And continue to pray.


  1. I need Mr. Rogers right now to tell me what to say to my kids. Tell them? Wait until they ask questions? How much and what to say? You know, the biggest thing a Kindergarten kid should have to worry about is what the letter of the day is going to be...May God grant those families peace.

    1. Yes, I agree! Too much for these little minds to understand. Heartbreaking.

  2. If it helps, know that every elementary teacher, too, is imagining the situation in our own schools, thinking about what we would do, and how we can be there for those kids, already, who are struggling and need some love. I keep breaking down imagining this happening at my school, to my class... I can't imagine how it must feel as a parent.

    I just hope some good comes out of all this.


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