Saturday, December 29, 2012

Recharge and Watch for Snowballs

It's been cold and snowy here.  Just thought I'd update anyone who does not live in the northeast.

While I usually dread winter, and the cracked dry skin that accompanies it, this week I'm good.  We're home, we're lounging and we're watching the snow fall.

The kids are alternating between watching movies and bundling up and playing outside.  They're playing with Christmas toys, making snowmen and building snow forts. 

Apparently, they're also throwing snowballs.

Hope you're enjoying the same relax and recharge time wherever you are.  January and all its resolutions are just around the corner.

Watch out for snowballs.

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  1. Cold and snowy here too in south WA state! No snow balls, but snowmen and snow forts!


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