Monday, December 3, 2012

Rental. Or Not.

We're moving.  Many of you know this, and if you didn't, you know it now.  We decided to rent our house out, since selling in this current market would be nearly impossible unless we had tons of cash lying around to give the bank to cover what the selling price didn't. 

So not happening.

About two weeks ago, our realtor called with a possible renter.  We weren't planning on moving until after the holidays, but this renter wanted in.  He was a pilot in the military and needed the house by December 1st. 

No flippin' way.

Then my realtor said he can wait until the 15th, and since my parents can fit us comfortably in their house just eight miles away, I decided to say yes.  We'll move.  We'll take the piece of mind.  I will gratefully accept this renter with open arms and be mortgage free until we buy a new house in Pennsylvania.

This was on a Tuesday.  The guy was coming to see the house on Saturday.  And then on Thursday he wasn't coming, but sending his realtor to take pictures Saturday so he could see it in more detail.

I cleaned the house like crazy.  I cleaned windowsills when I had nothing left to clean. 

And then she didn't show up.

And then they didn't want it without seeing it.

And then they did.  We made a deal verbally regarding price and property details.  We started to pack.  I sold some furniture.  All the while I was waiting for a deposit.  Saturday, this guy flew in to finally see the house and leave a deposit.  We agreed to a few conditions, and were told he "loved" the house.

Whew.  Although he still left no deposit.  We were told his wife would "Fed Ex" it Monday.

This was at noon.  We moved some clothes to my parents' house, and went to dinner.  I was mentally ready for my Charlie Brown tree in my small two bedroom apartment attached to my mom's house, and to sit by the fire watching Christmas movies in her living room.

On Sunday morning, we woke up very early (4:30am) to drive our daughter to a gymnastics meet two hours away.  I checked my phone and had a message from my realtor.

The guy changed his mind.  He doesn't want the house.

I know this is how real estate works, people are fickle.  But don't ask me, Hubby and our four kids to accept a move in date two months prior to what is on our listing and change your mind three times in two weeks when it's Christmas time.

I take comfort in knowing I would have never wanted this jerkie for a tenant.  I was wondering if I did when he asked for an extra step out front because ours was a little steep.

Huh? The same step my three year old with hypotonia climbs up and down about thirty times a day?

Aside from not dealing with unreasonable requests, I am thrilled about two other things:

1.  We were able to put up our Christmas tree yesterday.  Yes, it is leaning to the right.

2.  I am able to sleep in my bed another few months.

Always, always look on the bright side.  And be thankful you won't have to deal with people you want to punch in the forhead for two years because they're leasing your house.

Happy Monday!


  1. That really stinks, something similar happened to us. I am glad that jerk won't be living in your home. I know you'll find a nice family who will be great to work with.

  2. Oh Jody.. this makes me so mad… Silver lining, it's this very type of person that just drives you to be a better person, leading by example exactly how you.don'… it's frustrating to have to deal with them, but being an annoying reminder that there are "jerks in life" … uhg! Friggin' energy suckers!!! Silver lining or not.. I'm still rowelled up about it… and it's not even my house!!!


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