Monday, December 17, 2012

Stocking Stuffer Must: Crest Whitestrips

Several years ago, a few of my friends were using CrestWhitestrips.  I never saw the need for any tooth whitening strips, and I certainly wasn’t about to spend money on them either.  My teeth were looking plenty white to me.

My view on this changed when my mother saw one of my childhood friends, and her husband.  While telling me how wonderful they looked, she tossed in, “They MUST be using those white strip things.  Their teeth were gorgeous!”

Don’t you love motherly hints?

Like all good children, I immediately decided to try these whitening miracle workers.  I clipped my coupon and bought a box.  Every morning, I wore my strips while I dressed and made breakfast for the kids.  I wore them again when I put my babies to bed.  I was very dedicated and excited to unveil my new smile to the world. 

I am thrilled to announce to everyone, they worked.  They truly, honestly did.  I have never been a smoker, and I drink iced coffee only through a straw.  I was never a victim of coffee or cigarette stains.  I didn’t see any need for teeth whiter than the ones I had. 

Until I used Crest Whitestrips.  

I bought that first box of Crest Whitestrips six years ago.  I have only whitened once since then, and I constantly have friends and family remark how white my teeth are.  It may seem like spending twenty or thirty dollars on a tooth whitening kit is unnecessary, but these bad boys are worth every dollar.

With Christmas rapidly approaching, I highly recommend tossing a box in your Hubby’s stocking.  Even better, leave him a coupon, or the P&G site scribbled on a pad in front of his breakfast, so he can toss a box in your stocking.  These little whitening strips are the best invention since sliced bread.  They are an affordable, easy way to freshen up your beautiful smile for 2013.

I promise you will love them.  I pinky promise.

The P&G online store offers free shipping on all orders over $25, and 15% off your first purchase.  If you need to fill a stocking, consider buying a few health and wellness items from P&G and take advantage of this great offer.

Happy whitening!

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