Thursday, January 10, 2013

A Scoliosis Breather

A few months ago, I posted about my daughter's Juvenile Idiopathic Scoliosis.  To sum up a very long post, her pediatrician discovered her scoliosis at her 9 year well check.  It was fairly concerning, and we were sent for X-rays and to see a top notch Pediatric Orthopedic Surgeon.

Que the mommy panic.

My daughter is a gymnast, which made this whole scenario even more disturbing.  Not only were we dealing with a complicated medical condition, we were dealing with the possibility she may lose the ability to participate in something she loves.  A double whammy.

Our orthopedic surgeon decided to brace my daughter on her first visit.  He wasted no time.  He explained what we were dealing with, and that this brace gave us no guarantees.  I left in a mommy fog, wondering what the heck just happened.  I forged ahead, taking her for a brace fitting and explaining as best I could what was going on.

My daughter has been in this brace for the past several months, removing it only for gymnastics and to shower and change.  Isn't she a love?
We've bought new clothes, and had clothes altered to fit comfortably under her brace.  She goes to school and playdates without complaint.  Kids are much more resilient than we are, and my daughter's good spirits despite her constant plastic companion are an inspiration.  Life is what you make it, and she has proved this day after day.
At our last appointment in November, we were warned again that she may need some type of surgical correction.  While the brace was doing its job, the chances her curve will progress were significant.  We were to return in two months for another check.

We forged ahead.  Praying and wearing this brace. 

On Monday, we had another x ray.  My daughter was without brace for 24 hours, and they x ray-ed to check her curve.  When I saw the image on the screen, I breathed a sigh of relief.  While I am no doctor, her spine looked amazing compared to her first x ray.

On Tuesday, we had our appointment with our magnificent pediatric orthopedic surgeon.  With the new x ray, and the test results of her Scoli Score, we were sent on our way for six months.  Her curve held steady for the past six months, and her brace is doing its job. 

No surgery in the immediate future.

No appointment in two months.

I finally feel like I can breathe.  Finally, at least for now. 

Wishing you good news, from whatever it is that you need.  Happy Trails! 


  1. I am so incredibly happy to hear this!! I really, REALLY hope the brace winds up being all that is needed for your cutie pie. Such great news.

  2. My girls both have the same form of scoliosis - and my oldest was in her brace for 5 years. My youngest does not have the same degree of curve so we are just continuing to watch her curve - but after 5 years in a Boston Brace, I think I'd pick surgery over having my youngest go through that. We will see what develops - and will continue to pray that she stays at the border. I hope that your daughter's bracing experience continues as easily as it has began!

    1. Hello! My son is getting his Boston Brace next week (12 yrs old). I am so worried about him and the future of his brace. Can I ask you why you wouldn't put your child through it?? I sometimes have thought the same way you are but of course I have not even had to deal with the brace yet.

      What was your oldest daughters curve? My son is at 24 degrees but growing so fast. I am really all new to this and so worried for my little guy. Well, big little guy! :) He is 5'7" at 12 yrs old.


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