Sunday, January 13, 2013


There is something about this time of year that makes me want to eat carbohydrates. 

All the time.

I try my best to nibble on the apple slices I feed my kids, or to convince myself I need a carrot.  Truthfully, I need neither.  With no sun, and no warmth to bask in, I just need carbs.  It's starting to concern me (and my thighs).

On another note, we traveled an hour north today to watch my Gymnastics Queen compete.  Her report time was 7:40am.  I'm thinking these meet organizers aren't concerned about my winter blahs.  I like to sleep past 6am on weekends.  Although we always look forward to meet days, since there is so much time and training that goes into competitive gymnastics.

After the routines, we were fairly certain she would see the podium.  When they started announcing the awards for the 9 year old group, it was clear my daughter was skipped over.  I was about to demand a refund, until I remembered this meet last year.

They go by your age at the State Competition at the end of the season.  States is in May.  My daughter turns 10 three days before this meet.  Therefore, she was technically competing as a 10 year old.

Which made her gold medal on bars even sweeter.

I finished my morning with a hot pretzel from the concession stand.  Heavenly carbs.

Wishing you a restful Sunday.  Back to the grind tomorrow.

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