Friday, January 4, 2013


Sometimes, I sleep in my clothes from the waist up.  I remove my, er, undergarments and change into jammie pants.  I do this because I'm freezing all winter and I just can't bare the three seconds it would take me to remove my warm sweater.

I'm currently blogging in my slippers, hot pink jammie pants, long sleeve hunter green tee and a J.Crew wool sweater.  I just woke up.

Yesterday, Moopa had a scoop of cookie dough ice cream with breakfast.  I have my reasons.

I'm not a fan of washing floors.  It's so much work for the five minutes they are clean.  Vacuum, yes.  Mop, no.

Lately, since we're moving, my method of cleaning up toys is throw them out.  Unless of course, they are brand new and shiny from Christmas.

If Hubby is not home, I only make pancakes, grilled cheese, PB&J or pasta for dinner.  Take your pick.  One day, I was feeling crafty so I made meatballs.  That was two months ago.

I strongly believe that a fiber bar, an apple, a pack of fruit snacks and a yogurt is an acceptable lunch.  Sandwiches are overrated.

Our school disagrees.  The second day of first grade the school called me and asked me if my son was supposed to be buying lunch.  "Did he forget his lunch money?  His lunch is a fiber bar, an apple, a yogurt and a large cupcake?"

(Cue forhead sweat) Er, I must have forgot his sandwich?  Am I in some sort of trouble with the school lunch police?

I love shower cap days.  Drying my hair is so eight minutes too long.

I feel better now.  I've been cleansed, and I enter into my weekend happily wearing clothes from the waist up and jammies from the waist down, while walking on semi-clean floors. 

Happy Friday.


  1. I think your lunch is completely acceptable! Sounds a lot like my kids' (sub cupcake for blueberry muffin). You can't send sandwiches every day! Children need variety!

    Find a corner in your garage for those old toys, then post them on Craigslist or something. We had a Church come in and collect boxes and boxes and boxes that didn't sell at our (massive) garage sale. I felt better about donating them all than throwing them away. Just a thought, but do what you need to!

    1. I've sold a few things on ebay - but yes - I should put them on craigslist - for free . Just pick'em up! Great idea - thanks!

  2. I loooove shower cap days! I haven't washed my hair since New Year's Day for the sheer fact that it takes 20 minutes to dry & straighten my hair. So glad I'm not the only one. Love your blog, I read daily.

    1. Thanks so much for reading! xo Yes, shower caps rock!

  3. I got a phone call once from my daughter school telling me that I should vary her lunch. I admit I always sent the same thing but as us moms know often times it's the ONLY thing they will eat. I was humiliated but I did explain that I would love to have a kid with a wide range of food interest but i did not. It did make me question myself but heck she has graduated from college now and is pretty well adjusted and adventurous in the food category. You're doing a great job Jodie and kudos to all the other moms doing the best they can.

  4. It is a well balanced meal. Tell those snooty meal police to worry about themselves.


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