Wednesday, January 2, 2013

In Need of a Vacation

This morning the alarm jolted me awake from a sound slumber, at 6:30am.  Outside the sun was just rising, and the snow still covers the ground.

I decided as I lay in bed, fighting the urge to blow off the bus and sleep that I'm in need of a vacation.  I need to go where the sunshine is plentiful, because this body is in some serious need of vitamin D.  This happens every year, right after Christmas.  Life returns to normal, and there is nothing but winter outside.

Cabin fever sets in.

Since we're relocating at some point this year, vacation planning is rather tricky.  I don't know if we're switching schools midyear or staying this whole year.  I don't know if we'll find a renter tomorrow, next month or next year.  It's no easy task trying to get away when I don't know when we even can escape for awhile.

Time for on of those lamps that doubles as sunshine.  Do those work?

Today, a Starbucks and a little house cleaning will have to suffice.  Happy Trails everyone, we are officially back to the grind here.


  1. In need of and going!! My husband and I are going on our first kid feee vacation...EVER....for our 18th anniversary. Our five kiddos will survice just fine!! We leave in 41 days ...I am not counting down or anything;) and yep...Disneyland...without kids...I cannot wait! San Diego too and LA.

    I hope you can plan your soon!! Enjoy that Starbucks! Happy New Year!

  2. My family just relocated and I have to say that has been one of the most interesting transitions we have ever made. It is both exciting and stressful all balled into one. My husband has been wanting to go on vacation for some time now. I hope we do finally get a chance to go by our Anniversary this summer:) Good luck with your relocation and hope you get your vacation soon!!

  3. We returned back to the grind today. *sigh* is all I have to say about that!! I feel like everyone kinda hits a slump after the holidays because you're right....nothing but winter now!


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