Monday, January 14, 2013


I've had an eventful day thus far.  It started with the "middle school bus alarm," which is set for 6:30am.  I only dread this wake up call in the winter, because it's cold and dark and dull outside.

There is nothing beckoning me, such as the morning sun or birds chirping a hello. 

How many days until Spring?

Shortly after the dreadful alarm, I was hunting for my middle school-ers lunch sack.  This is not his regular insulated lunch bag, because he lost his insulated bag a week ago.  He was toting around the extra I keep in the garage.

Turns out, he lost that too.  Or maybe it's in his locker.  Or maybe it's on the bus.

Well then maybe I have no more lunch sacks.  Maybe all I have is this, which for the record I did feel awful about.  Although something tells me I'll see a lunch sack appear when he empties his backpack this afternoon.

After packing this non-insulated, quality lunch bag, I waited by our front door with my oldest for the bus to appear in the distance.  While we were waiting I heard my younger son's door creak open at the top of the stairs.  I turned to see him, chipmunk cheeks and all, running to the bathroom.

Nothing else was needed to alert me he was about to puke.

As my oldest headed out for the bus, I went to tend to my little guy.  I know the puke feeling all too well, and unfortunately all I had for him was , "I know its awful...I know its awful..."

It is.

After the worst subsided, he munched on some dry crackers and took a hot shower.  He had just enough zest to accompany me to the store for a few necessities.
We are now happily home, ready for a nap.  During which I will disinfect the premises.

Hope all is healthy in your neck of the woods! 

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