Monday, January 21, 2013

More Relocation Stuff

Anyone who knows us, or who reads my blog regularly knows we are relocating.  Hubby found a better job, near very dear friends and he is thrilled with his new position.

It's been awesome.

We are closing in on relocating, currently preparing to move in with my parents while we look for a house in Pennsylvania.  For the past few weeks I've been sorting, tossing stuff we don't need and packing.  It's been a slow process.  I have been packing around us, boxing up stuff like pictures and holiday decorations.  I wanted to feel as though I was accomplishing something, but I didn't want to pack anything I would need.  Most notably, I avoided packing the storage room in the basement. 

Just looking inside gave me agita. 

Yesterday, my mother dropped in to give me boxes.  She loaded her trunk with some garbage, and peeked around my house at my progress.  When she walked into the storage room, she gasped.

A lecture followed about how fast moving day comes and how I better start cleaning. 

I have spent the better part of my day really getting into the nitty gritty.  The storage room in the basement could wait no longer.

My day has involved dozens of trash bags, dust, sneezing, boxes, trash bags, more dust, a scratchy throat from basement debris and more energy than I care to disclose.
The good news is that I made some major progress, and I feel cleansed.  The less I pack, the less I have to unpack.

And something tells me I won't mind shopping for things I need in our new house.

Wishing you all a productive week.  I'm wishing myself one as well.  Hope these munchkins are ready for paper plates, forks and cups.

The kitchen is next.



  1. Love the pic...I remember that scene oh soo well! We just relocated to VA from PA. If you happen to be looking for a home in southeastern pa, we are putting one on the market. Good luck with the rest of your move:)

  2. Oh we moved twice this year so I know exactly what you went through with the storage area, I had the same experience with my basement.


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