Thursday, January 3, 2013


S'mores are just about the best summer dessert.  After a barbeque, you toast them up over the grill.  Or you make them camping.  Or you make them after dinner for no reason at all.

Over winter break, we made them in our oven.  After two snowstorms in seven days we needed something to pick us up out of our "snowed in" mode. 

I put graham crackers, marshmallows and chocolate chips on our kitchen table.  Each munchkin sat in front of a piece of tinfoil, and they were allowed to assemble own their s'mores.

LLG prefers very little marshmallows, and more chocolate.

The others like a good balance of chocolate and marshmallow.

I don't care how it's made as long as I get to eat it.

Either way, s'more making was super easy and fun.  No major prep, no major cleanup, and the kiddos enjoyed making their own dessert.  After everyone had assembled their s'mores, we wrapped them tight, marked the tinfoil with an initial, and tossed them into the oven.

Just five to ten minutes later, we had dessert that took us back to lazy days and warm nights.  Fabulous.
A few more weeks and we'll be closing in on Spring.  The birds will be singing and the sun will be shining.  Until then hang in there.  And make some s'mores.


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  1. If you leave off the top graham cracker, making sure the marshmallow is on top, you can put them under the broiler and they get all golden brown like they do on a campfire. You just have to watch them carefully and be ready with the top cracker when they come out! Smores are a big weakness of mine... ;)


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