Wednesday, January 9, 2013

The Pups

Our pups like to hang in their crates.  We often find them resting on their fleece blankets, crate door wide open.  It's their happy place. 

Sometimes they are bold and they rest in the wrong crate just to see how long it takes the other dog to realize the space invasion.

Last night, we had a battle of the crates.  There was a power struggle between our stubborn Bullnese and our happy-go-lucky-I-love-to-annoy-you Beagle.  This crate belongs to our Beagle.  Her bed is more plush because she didn't crap all over it a month ago. 

Our Bullnese crapped on her bed, and I threw it out.  She's been pretty annoyed since.

Hence, she has been caught resting on her sister's bed.  Last night, Penny was not impressed, and neither pup would budge.
I'm thinking this one goes to the Beagle. 

Life is so much the same for dogs.  They love to eat and sleep.  They thrive on love and attention.  And they love to tick each other off.

Sibling rivalry at its finest.

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