Thursday, January 17, 2013

The Rules

While every house is different, all parents have some type of rules.  Whether strictly enforced or understood, there is a code of conduct the kids must abide by.

Over here in Mommyhood it's no different.

Last night before bed, "military mom" reared her ugly face.  "Military mom" is my term for when I play no games.  As the clock ticks toward 9pm, I can feel her rising.

I start to order, rather than ask.  My sentences are shorter, my voice is harsher and according to my Gymnastics Queen, my eyes get "really big."  It must be because my bed  and my ice cream are right around the corner.  My time to vegetate and watch my DVR is closing in.

Along with my downtime, I look towards the next day.  When my kids are tired, their functionality is quite poor.  They look run down, they whine and they can't handle any of life's disappointments.  I am a firm believer in well-rested, well fed kids.

All of this together makes bedtime serious business over here.

In no particular order, these are my rules.  Some are understood, some are constantly enforced.  Either way, this code of conduct keeps me semi sane, and my kids happy and adjusted.

For now, anyway.

1.  Bedtime is bedtime.  We do not mess around with water requests and whining.  The more the clock ticks past 8:30, the more impatient and irritable Mommy becomes.

Expect big, scary eyes.

2.  Read.  Every day.  If you can't read before bedtime because you have activities and homework after school, read when you wake up.  Reading is your responsibility, and I will sing you many praises if I catch you reading on your own without my reminder.

3.  No ipod until you have read and homework is complete.  Your only ipod time without reading or homework complete is if we are going in the car.

4.  Make your bed.  We provided you with the bed and the room, keep it clean.  This earns no allowance, I will not pay you to clean up after yourself. 

5.  I will pay you to help clean up after the family.  Garbage, recycling, shoveling and poop scooping will all earn you a small wage over the course of a week. 

6.  Eat at the table.  I have enough dog hair to sweep, I don't need crumbs all over as well.

7.  If you make your sister cry, you are in trouble.  If you are making her whine, you are in trouble.  If something you are doing is bothering your 3 year old sister, you are in trouble.  If you bother her, she bothers me.

When the house is calm and quiet I am happy and my eyes are not big.

Make her cry and you answer to me and my eyeballs. 

8.  Do not snack from the pantry all day.  One or two snacks is fine, but if you are truly hungry choose or ask for real food that isn't processed in a factory.

9.  Moderation is the key to all things.  As long as homework is done, reading is done and you've played outside, you can watch television and play video games.  Just don't watch television and play video games all day.

10.  Hug and kiss your mama.  It makes her happy.

Any rules you would like to share?  What keeps your house running smoothly?

One last thing.  It's Thursday.  We are almost to the weekend!  Happy Trails!

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