Monday, February 11, 2013


We've been going through a lot lately.  Life is running us through the mill.  Hubby back and forth to Pennsylvania, shingles, moving, bidding on and losing houses, not being able to afford to bid on houses we like, school issues because of our new address and adjusting to living with my parents has been a wild ride.

For the record, adjusting to living with my parents has been the easiest.  I am so eternally grateful for my mom and how she helps us through these transitions. 

I am also eternally grateful for my babies.  If it weren't for gems around our new "apartment" such as homemade books about a hamster's Valentine's Day and paper Jet Blue airplanes I might lose my marbles.

Well, the rest of my marbles.  There aren't many left.
My kids make just about any madness tolerable, constantly reminding me what is important and that I need to SLOW DOWN.

Wishing you a week full of what's important, and giving you a reminder to slow down and be thankful for what keeps you sane.

Happy Trails, time to toast some Eggo's over here and get this party started.

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