Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Feel the Burn

I decided to start working out again.  I'm about a month behind schedule.

Winter is my time to recharge.  To rest.  To wear jeans and sweaters and not give a hoot about my tummy or the state of my buns.  Trouble is, I'm going on vacation in a week and I'm thinking I might scare myself when I slide into a pair of shorts.

I need to clarify that working out for a week before vacation does not change your tummy, thighs or buns.  But it does make you feel good.  It makes you feel like they are changing, and that's enough to keep me going until I actually notice a change in my physique.

Yesterday I woke up and I could barely lift my legs.  It was a painful reminder that I'm in the gym again, and I am NOT in shape.

I only ran two miles and did ten minutes of weights and my whole body was screamin' all day.  I was continuously feelin' the burn.

Last night I was on that hamster wheel again, sweating in my sweatpants as my munchkins wrecked havoc all over the house.

Thank goodness no one broke anything.  Me included.

I'm thinking it will feel phenomenal to run outside on vacation, and even more phenomenal to be able to run three steps without gasping.

Dust off those sneakers with me and get moving...Spring is right around the corner.

(it is, right? I can't take much more winter.)

Happy Tuesday!


  1. I signed up for my first half marathon on May 5th. I've been feeling that burn for a long time now. I can't wait until running outside is the norm and not the exception! Spring IS right around the corner!

    1. You're doing amazing on your runs - a 1/2 marathon is a challenge I never signed up for. Very impressive!! I'm also eager to be outside once again!!

  2. I'm not sure a week of iron pumping and wogging is gonna get you where you want to be. The one thing I do know is my wife is like a hibernating bear, she only comes out (runs/works out) when the nice weather is approaching. I think she should be the new Punxsatawney Phil!!


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