Sunday, February 17, 2013

Finding My Inner Pizazz

It's been awhile.  Hubby just peeked at my blog and commented I haven't posted since Valentine's Day.  It's nice to see him take notice.

Now he just needs to notice empty paper towel rolls and we'll be good.

Since my last blog, I've put in effort to become a more exciting parent.  It's easy to stick with the day to day routine.  I love routine.  I love bedtimes.  I love quiet.  I also love Starbucks, sunshine and soft pretzels.

Ice cream too.  With sprinkles.

But sometimes, after hearing three times in one week how "awesome" other homes are, it's better to shake things up a bit.  In a matter of days, I heard about smoke machines, karaoke, music playing past 10pm in a family room and one of my genuinely amazing mom friends called me a "dud."

She was teasing, but truthfully, I can be a dud.  Big time.  After some soul searching I knew I needed some pizazz.

Since my realization, we've taken our kids to the local zoo, played cards, hosted in house sleepovers and made kick arse Valentine's for my daughter's class.

I should add that the Valentine's were after my daughter asked me to return the $2.50 puppy dog tattoo ones I lovingly selected at Target.  I handed them to her and she made a face.

Really?  Not cool for 4th grade?

"Moooooom, I gave these out in 2nd grade...." (eye roll).

Yup, I'm a dud alright.

It was time to make the super cool baggies with candy bars and Spongebob Fun Dip.  The same baggies I made many, many years ago when I only had two kids and making baggies was still fun and exciting.

For the record, she was thrilled with the baggies.  I was thrilled with her smiles.  And it felt pretty cool to break free of my dud status for a few short moments.

Wishing everyone a fabulous, dud-free week.  Shake things up!


  1. Hahaha If you're a dud then I am most definitely a dud! :)

  2. There's nothing wrong with living in dudville. I like it here. I also like being the cool mom and, well, you can't be both at the same time. We are so busy doing stuff that's fun for one kid (basketball) that the other kids are having zero fun. Today we have the day off, though, so fun it is! Thanks for the reminder!


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