Monday, February 25, 2013


I've been MIA lately.  Between planning our upcoming trip to Disney World, cursing at Turbo Tax, getting what we need for the contract on our new home, nursing barfing babies, barfing myself and keeping up with the day to day I haven't posted enough.

Obviously it's not because I'm short on material.
Photo: What we've been up to...
We leave for Disney this week, and thankfully the dreaded barfing disease struck this past weekend and not on the plane to Disney.  We started with Moopa Friday night, it hit Hubby and LLG Sunday afternoon, and by early Monday morning me and my Gymnastics Queen were sharing a bucket next to my bed. 

I must say it was neat to have a buddy to share in my misery.  We sat up all night, napping, puking and chatting away. 

We actually had an in-depth discussion about who was sturdy enough to walk to the fridge for Sprite.

After mumbling, give me a few minutes, for over an hour it was me.  A mother's love and all.

In other news, I'm super frustrated with Turbo Tax (I don't speak accountant), super excited for Disney and mentally preparing for our move in a few weeks to Pennsylvania. 

Let the chaos continue.


  1. Aww, so sorry you all have been ill. We have definitely had our fair share over here!! Super nice to have a barf buddy though. ;) Have a great time at Disney!! It will be wonderful for you all to take a break away from your hectic life right now! Not to mention getting to enjoy some nicer weather! Have fun!!!

    1. I can't wait for warmer weather!!!! Thanks!


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