Wednesday, February 6, 2013


Something happened as a result of all the moving stress.  Something odd, and painful.  It's ugly, annoying and it shocked me to the core.

I have bad hair.

Oh, and shingles.

We moved in with my parents over the weekend, and made several (hundred) trips back and forth to our old house for stuff we left behind.  The kids had to adjust.  I had to adjust.  Hubby had to leave Monday morning for a business trip to Arizona.

All was well and good while we were watching the Superbowl.  We were eating and drinking and being merry.  I was happy to be mostly out of our old house, but still a little stressed about finishing up the next day with cleaning and more trips of stuff.

That evening, in between bites of Subway, I asked my mom to look at my stomach.  I thought I was getting hives from being allergic to her dog.

I'm allergic to many animals, but usually not dogs.  They might make my eyes itch but hives are for cats and rabbits and other dander animals.  Still, I took a swig of children's allergy medicine and hit the sack.

After cleaning up Monday morning at the old house, I ran to Target to calm the nerves.  I had strange pains and I was feeling itchy.  I peeked under my sweater and noticed my "hive" was now swollen and red and looked like poison ivy.

What on Earth?

That night I asked my mom to look at my stomach, and now the side of my back.  She gasped.  She told me I have shingles.

Shingles?  Isn't that for old people?

Apparantly, it's not just for "old people."  Yesterday morning, I saw a doctor who confirmed the shingles and told me several times I will be in "a lot of pain."

He looked at me like I didn't understand.  I must have been smiling too much because he told me again about the pain.  I nodded and told him I understood.  He told me to rest, to take my medicine and to see him in three days.  He prescribed awful giant antiviral pills I have to take five times a day.

Yes, five times.  I also have pain medicine and topical cream for these gorgeous rash patches.

This morning, I am understanding more about the pain.  I am taking my medicine, and resting as best I can.

Oh, and my Hubby flew in from Arizona.

What a doll.

I am now off to bed, after taking my medicine of course.


  1. Feel better soon Jodie!! My hubby had shingles last year at the age of 37 and after taking the boat load of pills they went away fairly quickly with minimal pain! Wishing you a speedy recovery! :)

  2. Oh no!! Poor Mama! Yes, rest and take those yucky pills and feel better SOON!!

  3. I've been told the pain is like nothing else, including childbirth. People taking ridiculously strong pain meds and wearing huge mittens to avoid scratching that will irritate the itch and burn.

    I'm so sorry the stress resulted in this, but hopefully it will pass quickly and you'll be able to finish your relocation without any other hitches.

  4. I'm 24 and had shingles a few months ago, so I know what you are going through! I thought the exact same thing, that only old people get it. I guess stress is stress no matter the age! Get well soon!

  5. Oh Mumma!! Just catching up on my blog reading! Hope you're feeling better by now!!


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