Wednesday, February 20, 2013

The Bachelor

Last year, and every year before, I made awful fun of Hubby every time I caught him watching The Bachelor.  He claimed the beginning of the show was comical and entertaining, and loved watching all these gorgeous women fight over one guy.

I didn't get it.

Ever since moving in with my mom, I get it.  From the first night we were here, she has hooked myself and my middle school aged son on this show.  We watch the fights, the decisions and the drama together under blankets in the living room.

We eat ice cream and discuss who will "get the rose" in detail.  I cover my son's eyes when the love scenes heat up and utilize the many teaching moments this show presents.  We've covered staying away from drama, dating girls who are fun, making sure families are nice and never ever kissing and telling.

This show is a gem.  It's a guilty pleasure I can't believe I've been missing out on.  From Tiara's "sparkle" the Desiree's macho wacko brother, I'm completely hooked on the Bachelor.

I'm also totally rooting for Ashlee.  

Tell me Bachelor fans, who is he going to pick???

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  1. I have heard he picks Catherine, I myself think that Ashlee is better suited for him. I've also heard people say that anyone who watches this show is STUPID... well call me stupid. I also am hooked on this show.



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