Friday, February 1, 2013

The Lifestore

This is it.  The mixers are in the box.  We are officially closing up shop.

At breakfast, my oldest was enjoying his frozen waffles when he asked if tonight would be his last sleep in this house.  I told him yes. 

He proceeded to sing "It's the Final Bus ride...." (Final Countdown anyone?)  I didn't even know he knew that rad song from the 80's.

My kids are always amazing me.

As we continued to talk, and I sensed his emotions creeping in again, I told him we already gave ourselves time to cry.  We have to stay positive, think positive and act positive. 

I told him in six years you might be some great quarterback of your high school football team, with college offers from everywhere.  You'll have friends and memories and we'll look back and be grateful.  We never know what life has in store for us, and we have to seek out good things.

After a few moments, in between waffle bites, my baby looked up and said,

"You have to go to the Lifestore, the Lifestore isn't going to come to you."

Genius.  True understanding in a child's words. 

It's time to go to that Lifestore and order up the good stuff, because life truly is what you make it.

Happy Friday all.  Changes are underway in our house.


  1. Smart boy. Have a good last sleep in your home!

  2. He's a good kid. And being a Disney family, you know what it takes to, trust, and pixie dust! Spread your wings! You're off!


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