Thursday, March 7, 2013

Easter Egg Hunt: What to Stuff in all Those Eggs

We love a good Easter egg hunt.  The bunny stays up late the night before Easter because he's never quite prepared, and he stuffs eggs with all sorts of goodies.  This takes time.  It takes time because stuffing eggs requires creativity, and the bunny needs to stuff quite a few eggs to make an egg hunt interesting in our yard.

Forty eggs, stuffed with goodies, is no fun when four munchkins are all hunting.  That gives each munchkin ten if they hunt at the same rate.

We all know that older munchkins hunt much faster than younger munchkins. 

The bunny stuffs about eighty eggs to ensure the egg hunt lasts more than a minute, and that each munchkin finds more than two eggs.

That being said, there is only so much that can fit inside a plastic Easter egg.  Yes, candy is king.  Candy is grand.  But how much candy does one munchkin really need on Easter?

Below are my top ten goodies to stuff inside Easter eggs (courtesy of the Easter Bunny, of course):

1.  Small candy such as chocolate eggs
2.  Necklaces/bracelets (buy them in packs of 10-12 in the party aisle)
3.  Rings (Ring Pops included)
4.  Bouncy balls
5.  Stickers
6.  Tattoos
7.  Coins/money
8.  Mini erasers
9.  Squinkies (they are the perfect size!)

And my absolute favorite egg stuffing item?

10. Tickets.

The bunny prints tickets for special items such as an extra dessert after dinner, or a trip to the Dollar Store.  These tickets are uber exciting for munchkins, they don't cost the Easter bunny any money, and they make life interesting.

My munchkins lock up their tickets and redeem them as they wish.  We take trips for ice cream, pack extra desserts in school lunches and even take trips to the batting cages.  And the driving range.  We have family movie nights and picnics in the yard.

We also cringe every few weekends when a munchkin whips out the almighty "stay up late ticket."

"Hey Mom... since there is no school tomorrow, tonight I'm using my ticket to stay up until 10pm!"

Dang Bunny. 

Happy Easter Egg Hunt Planning!

*this is from my archives.  I am suffering from vacation brain*

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