Friday, March 29, 2013

God's Country

I've heard Pennsylvania is nicknamed "God's Country."  I'm not sure if it's the whole state or just a county, but someone somewhere decided Pennsylvania was worthy of the name.

I must admit, it is beautiful.  I'm more of a beach gal, but rolling hills and Amish farms do have their appeal.  We just returned from a whirlwind two days in the great state of Pennsylvania, visiting our new town.  We tried a new gymnastics facility, walked the elementary school and attended baseball practices.

I also made it a priority to locate and try the nearest Starbucks.  Check and check.

After a day navigating country roads, I was much more comfortable than when I first arrived.  Usually Hubby does the driving, and this time I had to drive the circus out to meet him in PA.  And because he is a working man, I had to find my way to and from every place I took the kids for two days.

We passed Amish buggies, signs for fresh eggs and plenty of cows.  We found landmarks to remember where to turn and I made a mental note to refrain from night driving for the first several months.

The upside?  The kids are getting used to the idea of life in PA.  They are slowly meeting more kids with every trip we take, and they are more comfortable now that they've seen the school, the ballfields and the gym.  They know they will be okay, and I do too.

The downside?  We are leaving behind a solid group of friends and a fabulous community.  We are saying "See ya later" to fun carpools, summer days at the pool and autumn nights at the football field.

We are also going to be farther from my parents than I ever wanted to be in my whole life.  Ever.

But as a wise neighbor once told me many years ago, the one constant in life is change.  We need to roll with the punches and look forward to the adventure ahead.

We're closing in on our big move, and we're just about, almost ready.

Happy Easter everyone!

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