Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Permanent Vacation

In a few hours we'll be boarding a plane heading to New York.  Reality awaits, along with bills and phone calls and unpacking.

While on vacation I met a man working in Epcot who was from Chicago.  One of the many things I love about Disney is how all the "castmembers" wear name tags with their hometown underneath their name.  It's fun to imagine how they ended up in Florida, especially when they are from far off places such as Brazil.  Or England. Or Canada.

I asked this gentleman in Epcot how he ended up working in Disney.  He told me vacationed to Florida when he was twenty two and he never went home.  A two week stay turned into forever.  He found a job with Disney and he has worked here for nineteen years.

I was amazed.  The very thought of vacationing and having the freedom to stay is very foreign to me.  No house to sell?  No school to worry about? 

Imagine the possibilities.

As I pack up my crew in a few hours I'll keep this gentleman in mind.  We can't stay here in Disney, but we can choose our destiny.  There are many roads to travel and we decide where to turn.  Whether is be to stay on vacation when we are twenty two or to try a new skill when we are forty.  We decide how we handle disappointment and how we teach our kids to behave.  It's up to us.

Life is what we make it.

I'll see you all in cold New York.  Stay well!

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