Friday, March 8, 2013

Walt Disney World: Our Trip of "Fabulous Firsts"

I've been to Disney many, many times.  I don't know the actual number, but it's more than forty.  I still get excited before every trip, because Disney never gets old to us.  We cruise around the parks enjoying all our favorites before hitting up Downtown Disney or the pool.  We know every tip and timesaver there is to know.

Well, almost.

This past trip, we tried something new.  We stayed in the parks longer, and looked for attractions we've never done.  We stepped out of our "Disney box" and explored.  The weather was not pool friendly for three days of our vacation, and we used these days to really take our time.  Rather than speed through the parks hitting our usual favorites, we walked and talked and decided to shake things up.

We experienced quite a few fabulous firsts, and here they are in no particular order:

We met Merida, from Brave.  I was waiting on line for forty minutes before I realized the line was for Brave and not Rapunzel from Tangled.  I guess I'm not one for little details like reading signs.  Moopa wasn't too thrilled, but I enjoyed meeting a new friend.
We walked through the new Fantasyland.  While not all attractions are complete, we did see Ariel's castle (Belle's too) and we rode in a clam shell under the sea.
In Hollywood Studios, I hurried to my favorite cafe (the Starring Rolls Cafe) for my favorite cupcake.  I thought about eating this cupcake for days before I actually went to Hollywood Studios.  Much to my dismay, they no longer are making my standard order.  After some soul searching, I decided to try the red velvet.  Yes it was good, no it was not as good as my old cupcake.

Life goes on.
After eating my trans fats, we tried Disney's Art of Animation.  Along with a very fun play area with interactive computers and games, we tried the drawing class. 

It's a half hour, and we all learned to draw Donald Duck.
In Epcot, while Hubby took the boys on one more round of Soarin', my girls wanted to try Club Cool.

We now love this little place because it's free.  Free does not come often in Disney.  Inside Club Cool there are disposable cups and fountain sodas from all around the world.  We tried soda from Costa Rica, Mexico and other places we've never been.  We enjoyed reading about each beverage, and why it's popular. 

It was also a great time killer.

On one of our boat rides to the Wilderness Lodge, I took time to drink in the world around me.  As I enjoyed the Florida landscape,  I kicked myself for not settling where the sun shines even in February. 
I made Hubby promise we will be snowbirds.  A girl can dream.

Happy Friday!


  1. I love Disney and sometimes it's fun just to take it slow. Disney World is so big that you can always find something new to enjoy. That said, I always tend to go back to my favorites.

  2. I am a creature of habit as well, but always nice to try new things! Love your photos, even Moopa's not so thrilled face, haha.


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