Friday, April 26, 2013


I'm tired today.  The moving adrenaline is waning and life is returning to normal.  We have homework, laundry, activities and new after school routines.

We have new before school routines.

Actually, we have new routines from sun up until sun down.  It's a lot to get used to.  Along with the adjustment of new routines, I have to adjust my parenting style once again because I have kids in different stages of moving acceptance.  I've been blessed so far, since all my kids have been rolling with the punches.  They've met new friends, joined new teams and they're enjoying life in the country.

But there are times they need more from me, and it's tough to tell when they need it.  One minute we're all smiles, the next we're feeling uncertain and missing friends.  I don't think anyone who is not a parent could ever understand what parenting entails.  It's mentally challenging, physically challenging and most of all, emotionally challenging.

Is this the right thing to say?  Is this what he/she needs? How do I help?  How do I fix this?  Should I try to fix this?

There are constant questions.  You never know what is best, and even when you think you know you second guess it until the outcome appears.

That could take years.

We try to do what will benefit our kids in the long run.  We try to envision what will be best, even if it's not easy.  We try to hold our brains and wits together even when we have no brains and wits left.  The finish line is never, and it's tough to explain how much we love it and how much we need five minutes alone.

This parenting stuff is not for the faint of heart.

Cheer to all the parents out there.  I think I need a nap, and to set up a few carpools.  Oh, toss in some new curtains.  Starbucks anyone?

And then I shall continue to adjust to the new routines in our new house in our new town.

Happy Friday.  So glad it's here!

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