Saturday, April 20, 2013

Country Livin'

I've been sleeping in my new house, in a rural area of Pennsylvania, for just about a week now.  There are still boxes to be unpacked and I haven't yet acclimated to the smell of fresh manure.

As with everything, it will take time to adjust.

The past few days, as I've been traveling around my new town and surrounding areas, I've realized the pace here is slower than what I'm used to.  It feels good.  There is less hustle and bustle, and I can't say I've met anyone who really cares what you drive or what you're wearing. 

Speaking of what people wear, "camo" is rather popular round these parts.

Tonight, after two rather exciting little league games, we stopped at a drive in restaurant for "supper."  We ate grilled cheese "baskets" and ordered ice cream to go.  The restaurant was filled with little kids in uniforms and cleats, and older couples having dinner.  The atmosphere was laid back, and the food was inexpensive. 

When we arrived home, there was fresh sausage in the freezer.  Puzzled, I asked Hubby where the sausage came from?  He told me the neighbor left it on the deck.  He knew this because a friend came to mow our lawn as a "housewarming" gift while we were at little league.  Knowing we still need a tractor, he drove his truck over, loaded with his tractor, and perfectly mowed our acre of property.  As he was mowing, the farmer across the street dropped of fresh sausage.


I must admit, I could get used to this.  I'm thrilled to say the kids are adjusting fabulously as well.  I feel like I can finally breathe and begin to enjoy the scenery.  And the people.  And the fresh sausage. 

Country livin' ain't half bad.  As a matter of fact, it's pretty awesome.

Wishing everyone a wonderful Sunday, and an even better week ahead!


  1. So so happy to hear you are settling well.

  2. This warmed my heart! With so many terrible stories the focus of news everywhere right now (and always!), it's good to be reminded that most people are just trying to live good lives. How great to have such awesome neighbors.

  3. Country neighbors are quite different than city neighbors. My husband (a city mouse) is constantly surprised by the generosity of our neighbors. I'm a country mouse and while I'm not surprised by their generosity I will always be grateful for the experience that it's giving my children (and now my husband).

    PS The smell of manure dissipates in the colder months - at least now you have one VERY GOOD reason to look forward to the cold weather! ;)

  4. Congratulations! You survived the move. My kids have a slight case of homesickness at the 8-month mark (me too), but they have adjusted so much better than I could have even hoped for. Glad yours are doing well and you're enjoying a slower pace. You might get bored after a few weeks, so take those first steps to get involved in your community (church, school, gardening club) of choice. :)

    1. Thanks Tamara! I am still busy with the house settling/unpacking...and I know when I am finishing I will need a little something to keep me involved. Thanks for the reminder because I know I will wake up one morning missing my old town and friends. Hope you are settled and feeling great after your move. I bet 8 months went fast!

  5. Oh yes, country livin' is the life for me! :) I'm very excited for you and your family. Slow down, deep breaths, there is so much goodness to take in!

    1. Thanks Mama Hauck!!! It is wonderful here in the open air! xo


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