Sunday, April 7, 2013

How to Make Wood Pictures

A few months ago, I saw these wooden pictures on Pinterest.  I thought about making them about a dozen times before I pulled the trigger and tried them.  The good news, they are super easy.  The bad news?  I am totally addicted.  I can already see every wall in my new house decorated with wooden pictures of just about anything and everyone I know.

I made wooden picture boxes with unfinished boxes I found on clearance for $0.90/piece.  Transferring the pictures was easy and painless, and the results were extraordinary.

1. Before you begin, grab or purchase from a craft store whatever wood you will be using, and print the pictures you would like to transfer onto paper.

Use a LASER PRINTER.  This works best.  I went plain old black and white.  Obviously, you need to print a good quality picture and make certain the size works for your project.

You also need gel medium, modge pod and foam brushes.

2. Line your workspace with newspaper, since gel mediums and modge pod can be messy. Trim your pictures as you like and make sure everything will fit nicely on wood surface.

3. Using foam brush, cover surface of wood with gel medium.  Turn printed picture picture side down and press firmly, removing all bubbles.  Just a reminder, all text will be backwards on finished project unless you print mirror images.

4. Let dry overnight.

5. The next morning, wet surface with water.  You will need to saturate the paper, and using a sponge or your fingers, rub paper gently until it breaks apart.

You will be left with an image on your wood.  Amazing.

6. Allow to dry, and use a foam sponge to apply modge pod over entire surface to finish your project,  I used glossy modge pod, any finish works great.

These projects are great for gifts, sleepovers and home decor. The possibilities are endless.

Happy crafting!


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