Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Next Stop, Pennsylvania

For the first time in a long while, I am feeling good about our move.  I'm not saying I felt "bad" about it, just sad.  I spent many moments wondering what the future held and worrying how my kids would handle this huge transition.  There was a lot to digest and to experience before I could wrap my head around moving my kids to a new state.

Because as all moms know, all that matters is my kids. 

These past few weeks, we've been able to say goodbye to friends and spend time with faces we will miss greatly.  I feel we've been gaining closure as each day passes.  With a closing date set, and a last day at school set, my kids are understanding this move is happening.  Soon. 

I may be completely delusional (okay, I am most days), but I think the kids are feeling better about this move as each day passes.  They know this isn't goodbye, just "see ya later. "  They know there are more friends to be made and more teams to play on.  It's easy to get stuck in one place, believing there is no place else to be.  But the truth is, change is constant.  And I need to believe that this move will open their eyes to new people, new experiences and that it will give them the tools they need to navigate all the changes they have ahead of them.

Life will take them many places.  Pennsylvania is one stop on a long road.  My oldest is eleven, and he emailed all his teachers about his last day.  His favorite teacher emailed back words that stuck with me.  And with him.

"You are going places.  And I'm honored to have been a small stop on your journey."

Our journeys are long.  There will be many stops along the way.  And this move is just another transition as we continue to see what life has in store for us.

To my dear friends who have helped us throughout these last few months, thank you.  And to our dear friends we have in Pennsylvania, let's get this party started.

One more week to go.  Wish us luck!


  1. I just found your blog by googling something about Disney and I am so glad I did!!! We are travelling with my parents and our will be almost 3 year old in October to Disney. I have a question for you... have you ever been pregnant on a disney trip with your family?

    1. Shelli, I have been! I was 7 months along on one trip...with my 4th. I had the best time!!! Ate whatever I wanted, no worries what I looked like in shorts...and its the best excuse to rest on a bench while everyone does a ride! :) Have fun!!!!!!

  2. What a wonderful message to have received from the teacher. The future holds great, great things for you and your family! Much luck!!


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