Thursday, April 4, 2013

What I Really Think of Kale

Over Easter, my lovely sister was home from Chicago.  She is hip and single and in her 20's.  She has an apartment, goes to the gym and eats things like kale.

Yes, kale.

I have read about kale in all those dozens of health articles on Yahoo.  It's a superfood, one of those foods super rich in nutrients that is packed with health benefits.

I never, ever considered eating it.  I figured I'd stick to blueberries and sweet potatoes.  Two other superfoods that are much more my style.

Today for lunch I decided on a salad.  After enjoying a venti Frappuccino for breakfast (it was fabulous) and knowing I am eating ice cream tonight (I decide important matters ahead of time), I knew something light and healthy was necessary.

As I was digging through my mom's fridge, I saw it.  My sister's giant bag of kale. 

I added a few handfuls of kale in between my carrots, romaine, tomatoes and bacon bits.  While it wasn't awful, it wasn't anything to write home about.  I'm pretty sure the bacon bits salvaged the salad.  Without them and the delicious balsamic, the kale tasted like lettuce, only "leafier."

I will also add that if you eat crap like kale all day, I wish you the body of Jillian Michaels.

You deserve it.

If anyone saw the interview with Jennie Garth recently about losing 40 lbs at 40, she mentioned how much she loves beets.

Huh? Really?

Jennie, enjoy your beets.  You deserve to look awesome if that's what you're eating these days.  With summer approaching,  I'll amp up my nonexistent running program, and I will stick to blueberries, sweet pototaoes and ice cream. 

Oh, and Frappuccinos.

Kale is for the birds.  Literally.

Cheers, it's almost Friday!


  1. Ha ha aha! Your post is hilarious.. and I DO love kale. The hubs and I eat it as a green shake in the mornings.. as long as it gets fully chopped and covered with juices and fruits it's not sooo bad..
    Oh and it's really great for asthma which is why we drink.. cheers (of course not with a kale shake for you!)
    Amie @ Pinkapotamus

  2. Haha! Beets are SO GROSS! YUCK! I actually don't hate kale. But I've only had it once. I heard it was DELICIOUS tossed in olive oil & salt & baked. It makes kale chips. Um... they were good. But not DELICIOUS!!!! LOL

  3. LOL I don't mind kale all that much. We get some every now and again from my neighbor's garden and use it to beef up a salad or use it in a kale (or spinach), black bean, and fish dish we like to make. However, I'd much rather eat ice cream. :)


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