Thursday, May 30, 2013

A Thursday, Weather Related, List

1.  I bought an air conditioner today.  I finally broke down and spent the money because it's awful hot outside.  And it will be awful hot again tomorrow.  And so on.

Hubby cannot function, or sleep, in a room that is 80 degrees.  My "keep the curtains closed" wasn't cuttin' it anymore.

2.  Yesterday, with pool water that was up to code for swimming, two of my more adventurous munchkins decided to swim.

For about 7 minutes.

After 7 minutes they couldn't feel their lower extremities.  But hey, they are totally stoked we own a pool.

3.  Today is Field Day for my 2nd grader.  He was thrilled to be out in the super hot sun.

He actually was, until I asked him for a picture.  Cue the downward spiral.

4.  No more cooking for me.  The kitchen closes in June, because I am not crazy enough to stand in front of a stove with no central air.

Hello cereal, toast, pancakes and eating out.  Whoop whoop!

5.  I personally do not mind the heat nearly as much as everyone else I know.  I can't even wear shorts unless it is at least 75 degrees with pure sun, shining on me, all day.

I do however, mind winter.  very much.

Happy Thursday!


  1. So happy in one picture and Mr. Grumpypants in the!!

  2. We had to get our air conditioner fixed today. And by "we", I mean "he". My option is to open the windows but my city boy won't do it. Won't. I grew up sleeping with fresh air but I think he's allergic to it (my parents still don't have air). I didn't even notice it was broken until I had been using the oven for almost an hour and was starting to sweat.

    1. I am very used to open windows and window fans....we haven't had central air in 6 yrs. I feel like if we're good about keeping curtains pulled and windows shut during the day its not SO bad! Men are totally different - need that "cool air!" At least your AC is fixed!!!! :)

  3. Ohhhh hooray for the pool! Not hot enough here yet for the AC....definitely enjoying the open windows right now! Love that cross breeze it creates in the house....especially when it carries in the scent of freshly mowed grass of the sprinkler. :) Have a great week!


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