Wednesday, May 15, 2013


There's a reason I eat ice cream and drink Frappuccinos.  They bring me peace.  And solace.

I remember when I had my first two babies, I loved every minute.  It was manageable, and even though it was exhausting I loved it.  I still do.  But I also remember my mother forewarning me that things don't get expensive, and tough, until those babies get a little bit older.  I told her I knew, but I wasn't afraid.  I could handle anything and mommyhood was all hearts and roses.

Truthfully, I had that "it won't happen to me" thing going on.  Kind of like when you have a baby and you see another mom struggling with her toddler in a store.  She is flustered and has mommy-sweat.  She is bribing with cookies and lollipops, just trying to get out of that store in one piece. 

That would never be me.  I would never need to bribe with candy and sweets. 


Guess what?  I've bribed with all kinds of sugar, hundreds of times.  Times ten.

I'm currently experiencing exactly what my mom, a mom of six, told me would happen.  I have four kids, three of which play sports.  They love sports.  And they all have to be at a field, or a facility at least 3 times a week. 

Usually four.

That is 9-12 places I need to be every week, before I've even tackled homework or bought groceries.  Naturally, these practices and games usually overlap, and I'm blessed to have the best friends anyone could ask for two miles away.

They have two boys, and have semi-adopted my four kids as well.  They help me get my boys where I need them to be when I am stuck at gymnastics.  Or a concert.  Or another field.

When I left New York, I left behind my mother and the support system she provided.  Along with her wisdom and fore-warnings, she was an extra person to handle what my kids needed.  Now, with Hubby working more and me knowing much less about my surroundings, life is all about juggling.

And looking to hire to a kick ass sitter.

Until I find that special sitter, I will bury my face in munchkin hugs and kisses.

Oh, and venti Frappuccinos.


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