Wednesday, May 1, 2013

The Piano

I have an interesting problem every time we go to school concerts.  My daughter, the gymnast, is very petite.   
Very petite.

Her tiny stature never fails to land her in the front row at every concert.  Which in turn never fails to leave us with an interesting debacle....which side of the piano should we sit on?

Left or right?

If we choose the wrong side of the auditorium, she will be completely blocked by the lovely pianist and the giant piano.  It goes without saying that almost every concert we choose the wrong side of the auditorium.

Last night was my daughter's Spring Concert.  Bless her little heart.  I questioned her as to where she would be standing.  She told us, "first row (shocker), the middle, maybe to the right, kind of."


Hubby and I did our best to scurry as close to the stage as possible.  We decided on the first set of seats we found, on the left of the aisle.  Naturally, even from our well chosen seats, she was completely un-viewable.  Luckily, the two seats to the left of us were empty, which enabled us to scoot down and give us a glimpse of our daughter.

If we leaned to the left.

I apologize to the lady sitting to my left, I really am not trying to get up in your personal space.
Here is my tiny songstress, singing her little lungs out.  And to the right is the giant piano, that always causes problems.

Dang piano.

Happy Hump Day.  Middle of the week already!

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  1. lol! Ohhhh that was me growing up as well! Those darn huge pianos!


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