Monday, June 17, 2013


During the week, I set my alarm for 6:15am.  Hubby needs to leave for work by 7:30, and I've discovered that the best time for me to run is in the morning.

If I get up, and get out the door, I get my run in before my day begins.  There are no distractions and no excuses.  I'm also usually too tired to even realize I'm going for a run. 

This works out well, because by the time I wake up I'm five minutes in and there is no turning back. 

There are many mornings I just want to lay in bed and fall back asleep.  If it's raining, I do just this.  I love a good rain at 6:15 that clears in time to enjoy the day.  Those rainy mornings are the ones I sleep in without regret. 

But I know that if it's sunny, I'm running.  If it's cloudy, I'm running.  If Hubby is not away on business I'm running. 

I have turned off the alarm enough to know that I may be happy for the few minutes I'm falling back asleep, but I'll be kicking myself for not running the rest of the day.  99% of the time I tell myself "I'll run later tonight..." I never get that run in. 

If I get up, I may be annoyed for a few minutes, but by the time I'm running I'm good.  And that's what I need to get my day going.  A good, sweaty no excuses run. 

What do you need to get your day going?

Happy Monday, enjoy the week ahead!

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