Thursday, June 20, 2013

Farm Kittens

I've never been a cat person.  Ever since I can remember, I've been terribly allergic to cats.  It's awful.  My childhood was plagued by ruined sleepovers due to pet cats and allergy meds before visiting my grandparents.

If I was ever caught in a house with a cat, and without allergy medicine, my throat would burn and my eyes would itch.  My lungs would feel as if they were closing up shop.

And for days I would feel not so great.

Hence, the "not really a cat person" thing.

Since moving out to the country, we've seen about a zillion farm cats.  These cats are all stray, and they wander all over the neighborhood.

It's kind of annoying for a person not so into cats.  Plus, they drive my dog crazy.

While I've done my best to chase these roaming cats to the farm across the street, or into my neighbor's yards, we have found one bonus to farm cats.

Farm kittens.
This litter, unbeknownst to us, was born under our front porch.  We discovered them one morning on our way out the door to camp.

They were out discovering, and ever since we've seen them lingering around our front porch.

For someone who is NOT a cat person, I must admit I'm a sucker for kittens.  Ever since we first saw them, all of us have become avid "kitten watchers."

Are the kittens out?  Come look at the kittens!  Should we try and catch a kitten?  Oh, they are playing right on front of the window!

You get the idea.

We've counted five, possibly six.  It's tough to get a real number because they scurry back under the porch as soon as we get too close.

And for anyone who is wondering, mom is around and she takes excellent car of her babies.  We've been watching to make sure they are safe and sound, and lingering close to the house.

I'm not sure what to do with all these baby cats, since they will grow up and make more cats.

But for now, they are a hoot.  And they've been keeping us pretty busy.
Happy Thursday! 


  1. My aunt lives in farm country and the "farm kittens" are the big draw for my kids every year. We visit every summer for a day and while they get a kick out of seeing the baby cows and whatever other animals are around, the kitties are The Thing. She makes sure the current batch are used to having people handle them, so she starts holding them ASAP after they're born. Sadly, while it's country, they live RIGHT on the road. Most don't make it until the next summer. :( Fortunately, my kids don't ask what happens to them from year to year...yet. Just don't feed them and they'll find someplace else to call home. Or put a sign in the yard - we just drove past one today!

  2. If you do get rid of them take them to a rescue center or humane society, I'm sure someone would love to have them as pets! They are sooo cute! :) I have two of my own that I rescued from a local organization. If you don't feed them they'll probably just move elsewhere.


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