Monday, June 24, 2013

Filthy Mud Run

Over the weekend, Hubby and my oldest son had the pleasure of competing in a "Filthy Mud Run."  These races are a hoot because the only people who would ever compete in them are nuts.  The runners are all about a good time.  But these races are also tough, because you are running through mud, climbing hills and rolling under obstacles like wire. 

I didn't compete this year because life is kind of crazy post move.  Several of our friends in our new town signed up, and they made a "team."  Hubby signed up himself and my son, and we didn't know what our days would look like when he did.  After arriving I realized with better planning myself and my gymnast daughter would have had a blast as well.

The good news is that I was able to spectate, and stay clean.  I got my run in that morning at 6:30am.

The kids competed in the "Little n' Filthy Mud Run" which was one mile, and they had to go through many of the obstacles the big guys did.

This slide made my week.  Literally. 
It also gave many of the runners bumps, bruises and cuts.  There is nothing but dirt and rock under that bad boy. 

Before Hubby and my oldest raced, we watched runners in the earlier waves.  My oldest son was smart enough to remember another runner rolling under the wire obstacle, while most people crawled on hands on knees.
What a good little nut.

After the race, adults are met with a cold beer.  Kids, a medal and plenty of pride.
There is also a tanker with water to spray off all that mud, and a place to donate shoes if you so wish.
The event was a great time, and next year I hope myself and my daughter are on that course as well.  For now, my boys can proudly say they finished the "Filthy Mud Run."

And we highly recommend it if you're as nuts as we are.


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