Monday, July 29, 2013

Four (and other matters)

Today, my "baby" is four. F-O-U-R.  This is very hard to believe because I can't barely remember the past four years, yet they must have happened.

Because here she is, not a baby anymore.  Not really toddler either.  She is a "little kid."  This news would shock me if I wasn't the one in charge of birthday party planning and present buying.

I remember taking this picture of my baby when she was two weeks old.  I swear at least a dozen eggs fell from my ovaries looking at this photo.  My goodness I could reach through my computer screen and pick her up.
Look at those tiny bird legs.  She was such a peanut, and in my brain she will always look just like this.

In honor of my Moopa's 4th birthday, I'll list every adjective possible I can think of that describes her.  This should be fun:

Kind.  Caring.  Kooky.  Gorgeous.  Sweet.  Impatient.  Quiet.  Easygoing.  Magical.  Minnie-Mouse-Lover.  Puzzle-solver.  Happy.  Helpful.  Imaginative.  Creative.  Artistic.  Loving.  Irresistible.

I'm fresh out of suitable adjectives, but only because it's Monday.  Brain is still at the Minnie Mouse party Saturday night.

On another note, I had to miss the BlogHer conference in Chicago this weekend.  In case you're also still living Saturday night's activities, BlogHer conferences are for women who blog.  They are big, and every blogger who is anyone is there.  There is swag, priceless advice and information, sponsors and awesome-ness at every turn.

I want to go to one of these VERY badly, but life just never seems to give me the window.  Or maybe I just never think hard enough about myself and places I'd like to go that require planning.  Either way, I am forewarning Hubby, that from now on I am forcing open the window.  This mama deserves it, and he'll be setting aside some vacation time for me to attend next year's conference.

There is no other way. 

For now, I'll have to read about the conference on other people's blogs and pretend I was there.  Yes, I love to torture myself. 

The good news is we still have birthday fun to enjoy, which will help put out the flames!

Happy Monday!!!

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