Friday, July 26, 2013

Fresh Oil and Chips

I've discovered another "first" living out here in God's Country.  It's called "Fresh Oil and Chips." 

Or, as I say, "Fish n' Chips."  I did wait tables in an Irish restaurant for over a year.  Some things just stick in the brain.

Lately, road crews have been out and about in our very small town.  Isn't that always one of the joys of summer?  I saw this sign earlier in the week, and I was baffled.  I read it and thought, What the heck?  What is that? 
I looked around at the time and there were no road crews so I figured these signs didn't pertain to me.  Maybe they were for farmers, since they are back and forth on my road all day.  The important thing is that I decided I didn't need to worry about these big, orange signs all over the road.

As it turns out, I was wrong.
This reality hit me square in the face when on Wednesday, I left my house at 2:20pm to pick up my boys and two friends from football camp. I turned the bend on my street and there were the "Fish n' Chips" men in the road.  Just standing there, with all their trucks, blocking the road completely.  They looked at me, in my mommy-van, and one guy nonchalantly held up a hand for me to "stop."

Then, they just stood there talking.  And I'm sitting stewing in my van like, "Hello!"

While I love the laid back vibe country livin' has, there is something very "New York" about me when I'm driving.

It's called "Get OUT of the WAY!"

A few minutes went by as these guys caught up on whatever was going in in their lives, and finally, one of them moved a truck and they flagged me by, onto a road I didn't want to drive on.

But I went.

And this detour took me through many farms and unmarked roads to a stop sign that luckily, I recognized.  These road guys are forgetting that some people, like me, are new in town.

The crews are still working on all the roads surrounding my house, laying this tar and dropping "chips" over it.  Apparently, when we all drive on this concoction it presses down and preserves the road.  Or makes more road.  All I know is it does something and it smells pretty bad. 

Happy Friday.  My advice to everyone who has any "New York" in them?  Leave early. 


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  1. Welcome to country life! :) I've always lived on back country roads but when we moved into our home this was an eye-opener for my husband! Plan to drive S-L-O-W-L-Y on the fresh chips...they will ding your paint and the tar can splash up if it's really hot outside.


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