Tuesday, July 16, 2013

It Just Happened.

My parents live at the Jersey Shore and over the weekend, we ran a five mile race near their house.  More on this in another post, I just was setting the scene for what transpires.

Which isn't much.

We left for the beach Friday morning, and the race was Saturday morning.  On Sunday, the plan was for Hubby to leave for NYC for work.  I was planning on staying with my four munchkins until today, enjoying warm sunshine, the smell of the ocean and plenty of ice cream.  In my mind it was a mini-vacation, a few more days away from reality before football practice and gymnastics sessions get all crazy on us.

In the days leading up to race weekend, we discussed our oldest visiting friends in New York State while Hubby was in NYC.  Hubby could drop him off with our friends in NY, and go on to the city.  On his way back a few days later, he would detour and pick him up. 

A few days before we left for the beach, one of my good friends from NY texted me.  Her son told her my son was visiting, and she wondered if my Gymnastics Queen could join and stay with them?  Her daughter was my daughter's BFF in NY.

I'm sure you all speak "girl."  Best Friend Forever.

Naturally, there was no way I could send my oldest two, and not my third who also misses his friends.  I called my old neighbors, and they were thrilled to host him.

I suddenly went from mini-vacation with my munchkins to mini-vacation with a munchkin.  Part of me was excited for the quiet, part of me was disappointed.  I am not a fan of being separated from my kids.

After they all departed Sunday, I relaxed.  I went for a run.  My little one loves puzzles and cartoons, and I was happy to oblige.  We went for dinner with my parents.  We ate ice cream.  I took her to the Dollar Store and bought her another puzzle.

Life was all about my baby and she was loving it.

On Monday, I slept in.  I didn't move until 8:45am.  It was glorious.  I took my baby to the beach, and then we had lunch.  After lunch, I put on Disney Junior and a movie was just starting.  Two words:

Home Run.

Once I had my Moopa settled in for movie, I lay back on the large cushioned sofa chair.  And then something happened.

I didn't move for hours.

It was as if I hadn't sat uninterrupted in years.  I literally, just lay there, in and out of consciousness.  You know how when you're sleeping but kind of awake?  Like you can hear everything around you but you're not at all involved?

That was me.

All afternoon.

Whenever Moopa would make a request, I would wave her away and mumble "give mama a few minutes..."  I think I did once, get up and get her graham crackers.

I can't be sure.

I guess it was overdue, and I decided to not feel guilty and not feel like I had to do anything other than rest.

Sometimes, you just need it.  And I guess I did.

Today it's back to the grind, with all four munchkins in full swing.  I am alert and awake, and still unshowered after pulling weeds in the yard.  The oldest ones enjoyed seeing friends, and we are officially home until further notice.

Hope you're all staying cool.  It's a steamer over here.


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  1. Yay for the "not feeling guilty' part.. I don't know why those things make us feel guilty, but they shouldn't as much as they do! I'm sure Miss Moopa, loved the little break too… being the littest, isn't easy.


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