Sunday, July 21, 2013

The Fair

Over the weekend, we treated the kids to the County Fair.  It was very "Charlotte's Web-ish."  The animals were abundant, the food was delicious and the music was country.

It was perfect.
My munchkins, who have never seen an animal auction or rode a Ferris Wheel, enjoyed themselves tremendously.  We spent quite a bit of time over at the auction, watching the pigs trot into the ring and listening to the auctioneer.  We walked through the pens and looked at the livestock, and I made sure to point out the animals with ribbons proudly displayed on their pen.

Again, it was very Charlotte's Web.
Along with loving the rides, food and games, my munchkins insisted they needed a pet pig.  Or a baby goat.  They begged and pleaded and swore they would care for the animal. 

You will pick up the poop?


You will feed this animal?


You really want a goat in our yard?


You know how bad they smell?


Well, the answer is still NO.

(Collective sighs, moans and just plain disappointment.)

The good news is, we did take home a goldfish.  No fair is complete without winning a goldfish, and miraculously, ours is still alive two days later.

It may not be a pig, or a goat, but it's a new pet.  And it was enough to placate the munchkins.
Happy Sunday.  Enjoy!


  1. We had a goldfish live in a bowl without a filter for 18 years. My son brought him home from school in a bag of water at the end of 5th grade. He lived even after my son graduated from college. I think the trick was clean water and only one fish.-- Karri

  2. Ohhhhhhh how FUN!!! I'm so glad your kiddos had a good time. Isn't it just wonderful? :) :)


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