Tuesday, July 9, 2013

The Little Couple

Summer television is nothing to rave about.  All the shows I watch on a regular basis go bye-bye and just about nothing that excites me says hello.

This usually isn't a bother because we are out later, enjoying the warm summer evenings and breaking all kinds of bedtime rules.  I never settle into bed until after 10pm, and once I'm in my bed the only thing I am watching is the back of my eyelids as I sleep.

This is because I am exhausted and Hubby is usually watching something along the lines of "Finding Bigfoot."


I have, in the past few weeks, discovered The Little Couple on TLC.  They are adorable and endearing and just about the sweetest tiny people on the planet.  I'm officially hooked, following their adventure as they adopt their son from China.  I know this show is hardly new, and in case you're wondering I'm always late to the party.

I even saw them filming in Disney World once.  A small entourage with cameras walked by us one morning in the Animal Kingdom, and I caught a glimpse of them from behind.

I thought, No way. Was that those tiny people from TLC?

The next month, back at home and chillin in my pajamas, I saw a preview on TLC for the Little Couple, in Disney World.

I'll be darned.

The good news is that I have dozens of episodes to watch because I'm a new fan.  This is similar to another "late to the party" incident, which is when I discovered Twilight books.  I read the first book after the first movie came out in theaters. 

I never had to wait for the next book to appear on the shelves, I bought all four within weeks of eachother.

I'm wondering what you watch in the summer, if anything at all.  My DVR is overloaded with corny movies and ESPN clips, but nothing other than The Little Couple for me.

And they are super cute.  Totally entertaining, feel good TV.  Love it.

P.S.  If you can believe it, The Little Couple, and TLC, have no clue who I am.  Just wanted to share!


  1. I can't wait for my shows to come back this fall! I have found a few shows to get me through the summer. One that I especially love. Suits is my favorite and then we also pacify ourselves with Franklin and Bash and The Glades. We are ready for September for our shows to come back though!

  2. Finding Bigfoot is an awesome show. Do you know Bigfoot lives in almost every state? Huh? Did you know that? Didn't think so!

  3. I have become hooked on Downton Abbey (PBS) and the third season just became available on amazon prime (I'm cheap - I waited until it was free!) so I'm playing catch-up with that! I have caught a few episode of the Little Couple before and I couldn't get over how genuine and sweet they are! Not like the majority of reality shows, that's for sure!

    1. I think the same about the Little Couple - so sweet to eachother its very refreshing! I'll have to check out downtown abby!


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