Monday, August 19, 2013

IPhone Photos

In no particular order, this is what's been going on around here.  According to my iPhone anyway.

A few weekends ago, we went out on our friends' boat.  My kids went tubing.  The first time they ever did this, me and my suburban upbringing died a thousand deaths.  Now, I just freak every few minutes and drive everyone in the boat crazy.

This is the munchkins on a HUGE rock at a semi-local playground.  The rock is fake, and it's meant for climbing.

My daughter refers to it as "the BIG rock." 

"Can we go climb the big rock?"

Yes.  DON'T fall.  Please.

I went to the store last week and left my twelve year old in charge for thirty minutes.  When I came home my seven year old had a mustache courtesy of my ten year old.

You follow?

This apparently was a warmup, because the next night they drew in armpit hair, chest hair and a goatee. 

All I can say is, whatevs.  And when does school start again?
On Tuesdays, when my older daughter has gymnastics, I drive the carpool.  Practices are four hours long, so I always treat my baby to Subway.  It's our weekly date.  This is us right before we enjoyed oven roasted chicken and a few of the best chocolate chip cookies on the planet.
This is my niece's stuffed animal thing that plays music.  We were all at my parents' over the weekend for a birthday celebration, and my family was the last to leave Sunday.  As we were leaving, my daughters found this.  I texted the picture to my sister-in-law with something like, "This gonna be a problem tonight?"
She responded that she was going to kill my brother because it was his job to find that bring that home.

We're all so different, but truly, so alike.

Happy happy Monday.  Make it awesome.

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