Monday, August 5, 2013

Parenting Styles

I am not an entertainer when it comes to my munchkins.  I'll have a catch, play a few games and read books.  But most of the day, I'm more of a "find something to do that doesn't involve video games, television or me" mom. 

This is serious truth-telling.

There have been times I've sent my kids on playdates, and the mother has organized activities planned.  Stuff like crafts and games.  The playdate is supervised and "run" by the mom.  One mother I knew in New York used to rotate playdates for her kids; they took turns.  She put so much work into a playdate that she could only have so many every month. 

If I called and it wasn't her child's "turn" for a friend, there was serious thinking involved.

While I'm not knocking this mom, because she was super awesome, that is just SO MUCH WORK.  My style is more laid back, more "let me know when you need me I'll be in the laundry dungeon" kind of thing.

I spring to action for the 3 "S's": Snacks, Screams and Squabbles.

My way of parental involvement is geared toward life skills, such as involving my kids in folding and bathroom cleaning.  We pull weeds and load drinks into the fridge. 

I consider myself the "site manager."

I have a very goal oriented mind.  And if I need to get things done, I need to get things done.  If my kids need something to do, they are more than welcome to jump in.  The water is always warm.  Hence, the most dangerous two words in my house are "I'm Bored."  They will win you reading time, chores or a position as my assistant for whatever it is I'm currently doing.

I do feel the need to stipulate that I do treat my kids to parks and movies and the mall.  We go swimming and go for walks.  I'll help them make obstacle courses and teach them games I used to play.  They are not ignored and they are disciplined quite frequently.

Most importantly, we talk

But playdates?  And downtime at home?  You're on your own.  Call me when someone is screaming, squabbling or in need of a snack.  With four kids in the house, there is always someone to play with when you need a friend. 

If you want a friend over, even better.  No daily prep or organization required.  In my house, it's called GO PLAY.  I'll supervise, I'll listen and I'll watch.  But entertainment is not my thing. 

Just remember this house is not a free-for-all.  Good behavior is expected, and trust me, I know when you're not behaving.  And if I don't know, I will find out from one of the other munchkins in the house.

I'm wondering, what's your parenting style? 


  1. Jodie, I love this because we could be parenting style twins! This is so me!! I think its great that other Moms do the crafting playdate and all that but its not for me! So enjoyed this! :)

  2. This is me, too! I have a general list of fun things I want to accomplish WITH them (for me, the best part of having kids is legitimately getting to act like one again from time to time). Tomorrow, for example, is our water balloon fight (they don't know it yet) and next week I'm going to get the oldest 2 (maybe 3) up at 4:30AM to watch the meteor shower (Probably Tues morning, if you're interested). But for the most part I handle the same things you do, along with getting down the out-of-reach play stuff (Play-Doh, paints, etc.).

  3. Most days this is me. I'm all for the setting up play dates with a special somethin' somethin' to do.....but we have 5 acres, kiddos go and knock yourselves out with a romp around the yard. LOL

    1. Yes! I am all for a few activities to keep things interesting, but 75% of the time it's go imagine and find something fun!


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