Friday, August 23, 2013

Save with Target Cartwheel

Years ago, I discovered an app called "Target Cartwheel."  I stumbled upon it somehow, like everything else in life.

This year, Target combined the Cartwheel app with its Target mobile app.  Truthfully, while it was frustrating master a new app, it made sense.  The app is fairly simple, although it did take me a good few minutes to get going.  Okay a few good days.

Basically, the Cartwheel app is just a place chock full of mobile coupons.  You can browse the categories, which are fairly descriptive, and select offers such as 5% off bagged apples, or 15% off Cherokee tops for boys.

When you choose an offer it goes into your "Cartwheel."  Think of a cart full of offers. There us a "scanner" in the app, and if you scan a barcode it will tell you if there is an offer available.  This includes coupons.  These offers are added to your cart, or "wallet."

You get so many "slots" to put your offers in, and as you continue to use Cartwheel you can open up more slots to save.  The more you save the more offers you can choose.  When you go to the check out, the cashier scans the "wallet" on your phone to apply your savings and discounts to whatever you bought.

When you download the app, the only areas you need to pay attention to are the scanner, the Cartwheel option and the Wallet.

The scanner will scan items and look for deals, they will be added to your Cartwheel if there are any.  The Cartwheel option will enable you to browse categories for deals, and the wallet on the bottom is where you find your barcode to scan at checkout.

Cartwheel offers aren't going to save you hundreds in a month, but a few dollars every time you shop will add up.  I promise.  I saved over $170 in my first five months of using the app. There are great offers if you pay attention - I scored Halloween costumes at 50% off last year.  BEFORE Halloween.  Cartwheel had a two day offer running and I took major advantage.  The app has become a "see how much I can save with Cartwheel" game.  To date?  Three years after download?  Over $1200!

For the record Target has no idea who I am.  Well, the local Target does because I'm there every day.  I'm just saying that I shared this because I love to save.

And I know you do too.  Try the Cartwheel app and let me know what you think!

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